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President’s Visit to ROK and France

From November 1st to 8th, President Sun Yuhua visited the Republic of Korea (ROK) and France with her entourage. Her first stop was ROK to attend the celebration of the 5th anniversary of Confucius Institute in Incheon when she met with the President of Incheon University and visited the Confucius Institute as well as the faculty and volunteers assigned from DUFL. During her visit to France, President Sun had talks with Presidents from two universities and signed cooperative agreements. 














During her visit to ROK, President Sun and her entourage visited the Confucius Institute in Incheon University and met with President Choi Sun Eul and deans of some departments. President Sun said that the establishment and development of the Confucius Institute would not be possible without the efforts and support from Incheon University that has provided favorable conditions for the Institute. President Choi Sun Eul expressed his warm welcome to Sun and her entourage, and affirmed the positive influence of the Confucius Institute in Incheon and ROK as a whole in the last five years. Then both parties summarized the experience and achievements of the Confucius Institute and exchanged views candidly on the promotion of Confucius Institute programs and further development.

During her visit to France from November 4th to 8th, President Sun met with Presidents of Université Lumière-Lyon 2 and ICD International Business School (Paris) respectively to talk over cooperative programs. She also visited the Chinese students there from DUFL.

At the meeting with Dr. Mayaud, President of Université Lumière-Lyon 2, the presidents showed their appreciation for the cooperative achievements in the last ten years or so, expressing their gratitude for the support and efforts of the senior officials and working staff of the International Exchange Offices in both universities, and expecting more exchanges and cooperation in order to enhance understanding and communication.

Afterwards, President Sun had an in-depth talk on the cooperative projects with Doctor Denis Poizat, dean of the School of Education Training and Practice, and Ms. Isabelle Guinamard, the Asia Commissioner of the International Exchange Office, President Sun asked about the postgraduate exchange programs promoted by the French Foreign Ministry in detail. The French expressed that more favorable policies would be offered to the students from DUFL, which would serve as a new channel for the exchange program of postgraduates majoring in French.

During her visit, Sun also visited students from DUFL. She greeted the students and encouraged them to overcome homesickness. She also urged them to abide by the laws in France, respect the local conventions and customs, and integrate themselves into French culture.

In ICD International Business School (Paris), Sun met with the President and the Director of the International Exchange Office. After learning the school’s principle, development and specialties offered, Sun started an in-depth talk with the French on the specialty, French language, visa application, employment, and etc. of the DUFL students involved in the program. The French expressed that they would meet DUFL’s requirements in visa application, students’ admission service as well as specialty courses, hoping that more excellent students of DUFL would join in the exchange program.