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Two Courses Listed as the First “National-level Quality Resource-Sharing Courses” by MOE

Recently, the Ministry of Education (MOE) issued “The Notice of the List of the First ‘National-level Quality Resource-Sharing Courses’ by MOE Office” (NO. [2016]54). According to the Notice, MOE ratified altogether 2,911 “National-level Quality Resource-sharing Courses” since the year of 2013, which have been open to the public at www.icourses.cn successively. This year, MOE and its relevant offices have scrutinized all the accessible online Quality Resource-sharing courses. Then, 2,686 courses including 1,767 undergraduate courses are ratified as “The First ‘National-level Quality Resource-Sharing Courses”, among which, DUFL’s “Advanced Russian: A Comprehensive Course” by Professor Sun Yuhua, and “Japanese Translation” by Professor Liu Liguo are on the list.

Early in 2011, DUFL has started the transformation project of the quality courses into quality resource-sharing courses for the purpose of meeting the social needs, boosting the constructing and sharing of quality teaching materials via modern information technology, and thus making contributions to the construction of a learning society. As national-level quality courses in the year of 2004 and 2010, “Advanced Russian: A Comprehensive Course” and “Japanese Translation” went through progressive reforms and innovation conducted by their teaching teams from the perspective of course databases, teaching methods & technology, and syllabuses etc.. A systematic, comprehensive and characteristic resources pool of the courses have thus been successfully constructed, as a result of which, the two courses were accredited as “Liaoning Provincial-level Quality Resource-Sharing Course” in 2012, and as listed projects of “National-level Quality Resource-Sharing Courses” in 2013. In the year of 2014, the online resources of the courses were updated, the agreements on intellectual property protection signed, the website of the quality resource-sharing courses maintained, and more external references of the quality resource-sharing courses added. In the same year, these two courses were uploaded to
www.icourses.cn and http://project.upln.cn/ , signifying a successful transformation from quality courses to quality resource-sharing courses. A number of 332 students from five colleges and universities completed their study online of these two courses and the access amount added up to 5,452 times, which ranked top among all similar courses and demonstrated the striking progress in the course development.

This time on the MOE list, 8 undergraduate courses from 6 universities of foreign languages were selected, and 68 undergraduate courses from 10 Liaoning universities were selected. The success of the two courses in the evaluation highlights DUFL’s strengths and characteristics in the construction of educational resources. Under the guidance of China’s  “13th Five-Year Plan” in education and “The MOE Advice of the Application and Management of University Online Open Courses”, DUFL will seize the opportunities, going on to enhance the application of information technology and to keep pace with international development of education. We will also set up more in-campus online open courses, promote innovative student-centered teaching and learning, develop modern online learning system, allow vibrant exchange of online courses with other universities, and encourage more teachers to involve themselves in information-based teaching reforms and talent cultivation so as to improve undergraduate education. At present, DUFL has altogether 2 National-level quality resource-sharing courses, 5 Liaoning provincial-level quality resource-sharing courses, 1 Liaoning provincial-level video-recorded open course. DUFL will proceed to construct more quality courses on the basis of maintaining, updating and perfecting all current course resources so that all walks of life including university faculties, students and adult learners can be benefited.