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Another Project Approved by NSFC

Zhang Nanxun’s project was approved by the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Her project “A Study of Type-2 Multi-granularity Translation of News between Chinese, Japanese and English” belongs to the Young Scholars category under NSFC. So far her field of research has been on language and translation and this is her first attempt to combine her previous research with computer science. 

Her project focuses on machine translation based upon the study of natural language processing, computational linguistics, cross-linguistic transfer, artificial intelligence and machine learning. In recent years, National Social Science Foundation (NSSF) and NSFC have attached much importance to “Internet+”, “big data” and interdisciplinary study of computer science because the intersection, immersion, fusion and innovation of all scientific disciplines are not only important factors of scientific development, but also an inevitable tendency towards more progress. The approval of the project will help push the present focus into a new field of research and will help boost the mutual development of natural science and social science in DUFL.