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The First DUFL International Education Exchange Week Opens

 The first DUFL International Education Exchange Week opened on the morning of October the 10th, on the first floor of the Library. More than 20 distinguished foreign guests presented, including our Sister Universities in 9 different countries: People’s Friendship University of Russia, Macquarie University of Australia, Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand, Kent State University of America, the University of Limerick Ireland, Kokushikan University of Japan, and the Catholic University of Korea. President Liu Hong, Vice President Yang Junfeng, and President Assistant Xu Haote attended the opening ceremony. 


In the opening ceremony President Liu Hong delivered a welcome speech, stating that the International Education Exchange Week is new exploration and attempt of our university in the field of internationalization in the open year of “13th Five-Year-Plan”. It is considered as a milestone in the development toward internationalization during the construction of “One Body with Twin Wings”. For a long period of time, our university has been persisting with the target of cultivating international, practical and interdisciplinary graduates. On the international platforms as Confucius Institutes, SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) Presidents of Chinese Universities Committee and various Regional Research Centers, our university has forged a way with our own characteristics of internationalization. 


  In the future, our university should take a further step to improve the process of internationalization and meet new challenges and opportunities with broad mind. In the meantime, President Liu put forward three hopes for the International Education Exchange Week. In the first place, the Fair should be built into an international exchange project with institutionalization and branding, and cultivate profound international campus atmosphere for our university. Secondly, it is hoped that the Fair would bring every international factors into play, not only doing well in teacher-student exchange project, but also making contribution to the cultivation of campus culture and scientific research. Thirdly, it is expected that the Fair would promote information resources construction, and combine teaching information project with international education project effectively, so that they can help each other forward. 


Subsequently, foreign guests participating the activity and leaders of our university lighted the launching ball of “The first DUFL International Education Exchange Week”. 


From Oct. 10th  to 14th, an array of activities will be carried out in succession, including international education publicity, foreign universities introduction, the well-known foreign experts’ lectures, sharing experience by visiting scholars and students returned from abroad, Chinese and foreign teachers’ forum, and Chinese and foreign students’ interaction. These activities will provide high quality resources of international education, promote the foreign universities and projects, and share experience of working and studying abroad. Furthermore, it will set up a platform for our university on which we can cultivate internationalized graduates, build international faculty teams, establish international courses system and reach international cooperation on science, research and academy. It represents the achievements of our university in international education and will speed up the process of constructing a high quality foreign language university.