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Translation Software Donation Ceremony Held

EverTran Co., Ltd., a Korean translation software company, donated its CAT software “VisualTran” to DUFL on October 21. Mr. Lee Cheongho, Chairman of the Board of EverTran, Mr. Baek Ingi, President of Dalian Branch of KOTRA, experts from University of International Business And Economics and Beijing Language and Culture University, Mr. Liu Ximing, Secretary of the CPC Committee of DUFL, Mr. Xu Haote, assistant to the President of DUFL attended the donation ceremony.



On behalf of DUFL, Mr. Liu Ximing expressed his gratitude to EverTran, hoping to take this opportunity to strengthen the communication between the university and the Korean enterprises for more future cooperation. After briefing the guests on the curriculum, he further explained that the university, which offers MTI (Master of Translation and Interpreting) programs in 6 different languages including Japanese, English, Korean, Russian, French, and German, with over 200 MTI students on campus, is taking advantage of the national policy of “the Belt and Road Initiative” and made contributions to the regional economic development.Mr. Lee Cheongho hoped in his speech that both sides would see closer cooperation and that the software donated would be valuable for the teaching and learning in DUFL, the first to be donated in this part of China by EverTran.



Prior to the ceremony, Mr. Liu met with the visiting Korean guests and experts from other Chinese universities. He briefed on the issues related to exchanges and cooperation between DUFL and Korean universities and institutions, and offered suggestions on future possible cooperation.