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DUFL Vice President Meeting with NCI Delegation

Vice President Wang Weichen met with Dr. Jimmy Hill, Vice President of National College of Ireland (NCI) and his delegation, on October 25th, 2016. They had an in-depth discussion on exchange programs of students and teachers and academic research collaboration. Heads of related departments attended the meeting.

Mr. Wang extended his warm welcome and he hoped that both parties would step up on the details of cooperation and exchange programs between DUFL and NCI so that it could be put into operation soon. He briefed the delegates on curriculum provision, disciplinary advantages and school characteristics of DUFL. He hoped both sides could further develop such exchange programs and cooperation in related fields.
Mr. Hill said that School of Computer Science and Business School in NCIboasts outstanding faculties and three predominant disciplines with their respective research centers, namely cloud computing, data analysis and network security, all of which would play an important role in promoting the exchange programs. He promised that NCI would provide international students with more training and working opportunities in well-known enterprises and visiting teachers with various exchange projects.