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President Liu Hong meets with President of Central Christian College of Kansas, USA

         On the afternoon of March 26, President Liu Hong met with visiting President of Central Christian College of Kansas, USA, Lenny Fawala and his delegation of 4. Vice President Jiang Fengchun,together with heads from department of international exchange and cooperation, school of English, school of cultural communication, business school and other related departments also attended the meeting.

    During the meeting, President Liu welcomed President Fawara and his delegation who came from afar and introduced in detail the diversified majors and internationalised educational concept of our school to the guests. She said that our school now offers 13 language majors, including non-language majors such as business, journalism and software. We not only focus on improving students' language proficiency, but also strive to combine language with professional skills, so as to better serve students and enhance their comprehensive ability and competitiveness in the workplace.

    In addition, since its establishment, our school has always adhered to the characteristics of internationalised education, focused on improving the quality of talent training, and actively sought exchanges and cooperation with  high-level schools abroad. Our school receives nearly 1000 international students every year, and the curriculum training system is perfect, which can provide strong guarantee for students from all over the world in both study and life.

   There is concordance between our two schools in the campus culture , major setting and many other aspects. in particular, we hope that the two sides may come up with more forms or ways of cooperations such as teachers and students exchange, short- term teaching, scientific research and so on , which makes the two schools students go abroad to have multicultural experience and  promote the higher education of both China and the United States .

   At the same time, President liu introduced that every September is the international exchange month of our school, and the campus has a strong international academic atmosphere. At that time, foreign representatives are welcome to visit our school again which will provide more options for students to study abroad.

   President Fawara expressed his appreciation for the warm reception and the beautiful campus environment. He said Central Christian College of Kansas was founded in 1884 and has been around for 135 years.

   Located in McPherson, Kansas, the geographical center of the United States, the school is environmentally safe and industrially developed, providing students with a wealth of paid internship and employment opportunities. The school advocates the idea of all-round cultivation combining core of mind, spirit, intelligence and body into each other, and is committed to cultivating every student into a leading talent who can create social value.

   In order to make international students better integrated into the local culture, the school specially arranges American host families and American roommates for international students. He expressed the hope that the two sides could explore broader cooperation possibilities in the linguistic and non-linguistic fields by virtue of the convergence of educational concepts.

   After the meeting, the guests visited the campus. President fawara highly praised the advanced educational facilities and beautiful campus environment of our school. (xinran hu)

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   Central Christian College of Kansas (CCCK) was one of the first American universities recognized by the Chinese ministry of education. Founded in 1884, CCCK is a private four-year liberal arts college with a history of more than 130 years.

It is in McPherson, Kansas, the geographical center of the United States. Macpherson is a beautiful, wealthy and friendly city with a thriving industry and 55 companies (including two fortune 500 companies, Pfizer and buffett's gasway). These companies offer many paid internships and employment opportunities for students.




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