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President liu hong met with the vice President of shangzhi university

          On the morning of June 17, President liu hong met with three visitors including Jiang yihong, vice President of Shangzhi  university, and Li xinli, representative of japan-china cultural exchange center. Leaders of the international exchange and cooperation office, Japanese language institute and software institute attended the meeting.

President liu hong first welcomed vice President Jiang ma yihong and his delegation. During the meeting, President Liu introduced to the guests in detail on the teaching scale, teacher construction, academic research and international exchanges of the Japanese major of our school, especially the diversified talent training mode featuring "foreign language +" and "+foreign language " and the fruitful achievements made by our school. Liu said that in recent years, our school has actively explored and tried to promote the construction and development of Japanese language.

For policy funds, explore a new management mode of secondary colleges; for personnel training, responde to the ministry of education's "six excellent and one top" plan 2.0, promote the construction of "new liberal arts", and cultivate interdisciplinary talents integrated with arts and sciences; In terms of the construction of teaching staff, the management mechanism of "bringing in + sending out" should be established to bring in high-level talents and broaden the international vision of teachers. In terms of scientific research and academic research, on the basis of existing studies on language, translation and poetry, the in-depth research on political linguistics, Japanese studies and other fields should be strengthened.

Present Liu said, Japanese profession of Dalian University of Foreign Languages was established under the care by premier Zhou enlai, The visit byJiang ma yihong, comes right in the period of the 55 anniversary of the founding of our school and Japanese professional critical period of development, We hope our school and Shangzhi university may conduct open communication, understanding, sincere cooperation with each other ,utilize their respective discipline features and resource advantages to find a proper spot for cooperation by developing a high level of academic research, to participate in a multinational  cooperation in many possible field , enhance the international influence of the two schools and promote the development of internationalization of education of the two schools.

Vice President Jiang ma yihong thanked President Liu hong for her warm reception. She said that Shangzhi university is a comprehensive and international university with a full range of disciplines including literature, law, economics and engineering. It is one of the "three leading private universities in Japan", along with waseda university and keio university. The university's research in the humanities, especially in the field of Japanese literature, has been at a leading level in Japan. Software, artificial intelligence and other science and engineering majors are also the school's dominant disciplines.

At present, the university has established cooperative relations with many Chinese universities through the japan-china cultural exchange center, the Chinese liaison office of Shangzhi university, and jointly cultivated a large number of professional talents. We hope to take this visit as an opportunity to open the door of cooperation between the two schools. The two sides will get to know each other and exchange what they have and lay a good foundation for in-depth cooperation in teaching, scientific research and other fields in the future.

During the meeting, our school also signed the "Japan-China cultural exchange agreement on special funding for Japan-China cultural exchange" with the Japan-China cultural exchange center, the Chinese liaison office of Shangzhi university, which opened a new channel for introducing high-quality foreign educational resources, provided new opportunities for expanding the international horizons of teachers and students, and built a new platform for our school's international exchange and cooperation.