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Dalian University of Foreign Languages (DUFL) is located in the glamorous coastal city of Dalian. Formerly known as Dalian School of Japanese Language, it was officially founded in 1964 with the gracious support of the late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. It aimed at educating professionals such as foreign affairs officials, and Japanese translators and interpreters. It is currently under the jurisdiction of the Education Department of Liaoning Province. Through half a century of growth, while upholding the motto of Intellectualis et Eclectic, DUFL has become a fully-fledged multidisciplinary university of international studies, also offering programs in other areas like art, economics, management, engineering, law and pedagogy in addition to instruction in a wide range of languages.


DUFL consists of twenty schools or departments and twenty-one research centers, with over 1100 faculty members, and has a total enrollment of over 15,000 degree candidates, including undergraduate, graduate, and vocational students.


It offers thirty-three undergraduate programs of which twenty-four lead to graduate programs. Students can also pursue a doctoral program in Diplomacy Studies. Undergraduate programs include Japanese, English, Russian, French, Korean, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Chinese Literature, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Art Design, Tourism Management, International Economics and Trade, Computer Science and Technology, Information Management and Information Systems, Software Engineering, Journalism and Musicology. The Japanese, English and Russian Language and Literature programs (accredited by the Ministry of Education) are designated as key disciplinary majors at national level.


As one of the largest international centers of instruction in Northeast China, DUFL attaches great importance to international exchanges and pursues these in a variety of ways. It has entered into partnerships with over 180 tertiary institutions and twenty civil society structures from about thirty countries.


DUFL has been entrusted with the management of Confucius Institutes in Russia, Japan, Korea, Columbia, Guyana, Brazil and Armenia. It is also an accredited host institution for students on international Chinese government scholarships and is home to a number of organizations, centers and institutes, including the University League of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Sino-Russian Students Exchange Center (China), the International Promotion of the Chinese Language Base, the School for Confucius Institute Reserve Teachers, the University of Hong Kong-Mainland Students and Teachers Exchange Program, the International Youth Center, the Ukrainian Studies Center, the Provincial Base for Humanities Research, and the Center for Russian Studies ( sponsored by the Russian World Foundation).


DUFL has an official pre-departure training center for students going abroad for further studies. There is also a national testing center, directly supervised by the Ministry of Education, and administering over twenty language tests. Our university is a cradle for foreign language talents and a bridge leading to the world.