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Our school held the 2022 session student graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony

Our school held the 2022 session student graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony

On May 30th, the graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony for the 2022 session students of our school was held in the auditorium of Qihang Building. Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Weichen, President Liu Hong, Vice President Jiang Fengchun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department Li Yan, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department Zhang Jiao, heads of relating functional departments, college party and government leaders, graduate grade counselors, and student representatives of the session of 2022 , teacher representatives, etc. participated in the on-site graduation ceremony; representatives of graduates’ parents and alumni participated in the online graduation ceremony via video.

The ceremony was presided over by Yao Suwen, Director of the Student Affairs Office, and the theme was "Grateful for Encountering, Bringing Dreams to the Future". The ceremony expressed the gratitude and reluctance of the graduates to their alma mater, their teachers, and their classmates by playing a graduation video of nostalgic youth, singing songs by graduate representatives, and presenting flowers to representatives of school service and security personnel.

Subsequently, the graduation ceremony officially kicked off with the solemn national anthem. The leaders of the participating schools awarded honorary certificates to outstanding graduate representatives of the province and city, and issued graduation certificates and commemorative badges to the graduate representatives.

Graduate representatives Zhang Jingyi, an undergraduate student, Liu Shiyu, a doctoral student, and Li Du, an abroad student in Russia, delivered speeches respectively. While reviewing their campus life, they expressed their gratitude to their alma mater and their longing for future life.

Mr. Yao Junfeng, the representative of the parents of graduates and the principal of Northeast Zhongshan Middle School, expressed his joy for the growth of his children, his gratitude to the school and his ardent expectations for all the graduates in his sincere and touching words.

Liu Yumian, the teacher representative and the vice dean of the International Academy of Arts, gave the graduates a sincere exhortation to "work hard, pursue dreams, read and think, be kind and brave", and expressed his best wishes to the graduates

Li Tuo, alumni representative, graduate of Japanese Language Institute in 2004, and chairman of Dalian Tuozhong Education Technology Co., Ltd., reviewed his achievements in his alma mater, shared his work experience, and expressed his gratitude to his alma mater. Respect the school and encourage the juniors to work hard, dare to try and don't be afraid of making mistakes, don't be arrogant or impetuous, stay humble, and find what they truly love.

At the ceremony, President Liu Hong delivered a speech. She affirmed the efforts and responsibilities of all graduates in the epidemic prevention and control, shared the stories of graduates' growth and success, reviewed the reform and development of the school's education over the past four years, and put forward three hopes: First, I hope that the students will abide by their original aspirations. , cherishing the country, being an unswerving patriot, giving full play to what he has learned, having a "big country" in mind, and striving to become a responsible newcomer of the era that the motherland and people need. The second is to hope that the students will stick to their dreams, put themselves into practice, be doers who live up to the times, be confident and self-reliant, be optimistic, united and strive, keep in mind the entrustment, never give up, and strive to become dream chasers who stick to their ideals and live up to the times. The third is to hope that students will stick to their true nature, learn lifelong learning, be strivers who surpass themselves, maintain curiosity and thirst for knowledge in new fields and new things, and continue to learn new things and new technologies, so that lifelong learning can become a common life for foreigners. Way, spiritual pursuit and spiritual power to surpass oneself.

Following the graduation ceremony, the 2022 degree conferment ceremony was held. The degree awarding decision was read out by the head of the Graduate Office and the Academic Affairs Office. Professor Liu Hong, director of the school's degree evaluation committee and president, awarded each graduate with a degree, and awarded an honorary certificate to the outstanding bachelor's degree winner. (Wang Jiaming)