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The teachers of our school won good results in the 2022 Liaoning Province College Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition

The teachers of our school won good results in the 2022 Liaoning Province College Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition

Recently, the finals of the 2022 Liaoning University Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition, hosted by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education and undertaken by Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, were successfully held online. Lu Wenyue, a teacher from our school, was shortlisted for the finals. After fierce competition, he won the first prize in the intermediate and lower group.

In the finals, Mr. Lu Wenyue participated in the competition with the core bilingual course "E-commerce" for business English majors, and demonstrated the innovative teaching design of "'specialized integration' mechanism and "e-commerce" bilingual course" on the spot. Through the explanation of the "Internet Marketing" chapter of the course, the judges and peers demonstrated the design concept of the "Foreign Language + Major" course and the implementation process of "online-offline" integrated teaching, and demonstrated the teachers and students. The results obtained under the "college-research collaboration" model. The course runs through the content of moral education. While describing the marketing strategy, it emphasizes the social responsibility and team spirit of the enterprise, which has been fully affirmed and praised by the judges of the competition.

In addition, according to the arrangement of the competition system, Liu Xiaohui, a teacher from the English College recommended by our school to enter the provincial semi-finals, won the second prize in the senior high group, Zhang Yingchun, a teacher from the Japanese Language Institute, and Pu Jiaying, a teacher from the School of Marxism, won the second prize in the deputy senior group. Shi Xiumei, a business school teacher in the provincial competition, won the third prize in the Zhenggao group, Liu Yumian, a teacher from the International Art Institute, and Chen Diqiang, a teacher from the Chinese Academy, won the third prize in the deputy high group. Jiang Huiling, a teacher from the Public Foreign Language Teaching and Research Department, and Zhu Yiping, a teacher from the Japanese Language Institute, won the intermediate and the third prize in the following groups.

The Liaoning Provincial Department of Education sponsored the college teacher teaching innovation competition to "deepen the reform of undergraduate teaching and comprehensively improve the quality of talent training", further promote the reform and innovation of higher education teaching, comprehensively promote the ideological and political courses and the ideological and political courses in the same direction, and carefully build the province's colleges and universities. Teacher teaching innovation benchmark display and exchange platform. The competition is divided into three parts: preliminary, semi-finals and finals. According to the professional and technical positions of participating teachers, there are three groups: senior group, deputy senior group, intermediate group and below.

The school attaches great importance to this teacher's teaching innovation competition. Since the start of the competition, it has been carefully organized, meticulously arranged, and actively planned, and has invited experts inside and outside the school to conduct all-round training and training for the participating courses in terms of teaching content, teaching design, teaching methods and effectiveness. Coaching, so that there is training and guidance before the game, and summary and communication after the game. All teaching units have been widely mobilized, fully cooperated, and actively recommended outstanding teachers and teams; participating teachers and teams have made progress despite difficulties, carefully polished, and demonstrated good ideological and political literacy, high classroom innovation ability and craftsman spirit of excellence.

This competition fully demonstrated the achievements of our school's classroom teaching reform and the demeanor of our school's teachers, which played a positive role in further promoting the innovation of teachers' education and teaching ideas, concepts, methods and technologies, and model innovation. In the future, our school will continue to adhere to the concept of "promoting teaching by competition, promoting learning by competition, promoting reform by competition, and promoting construction by competition", give full play to the exemplary and leading role of award-winning teachers, and continue to create a model for teachers' teaching innovation benchmarking and communication. The platform will continuously improve the teaching competence and teaching development ability of teachers in our school. (Zhang Ying)