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The 13th Annual Conference and Academic Symposium of the Sino-US Comparative Culture Research Branch of the Chinese Society of Comparative Literature Held at our school

The 13th Annual Conference and Academic Symposium of the Sino-US Comparative Culture Research Branch of the Chinese Society of Comparative Literature Held at our school

The 13th Annual Conference and Symposium of Sino-US Comparative Culture Research Branch of Chinese Comparative Literature Association was held in our university.

This symposium is sponsored by the Sino-US Comparative Culture Research Branch of Chinese Comparative Literature Association, organized by the School of English, Dalian Foreign Studies University, co-organized by the Editorial Department of Contemporary Foreign Literature and the School of Foreign Languages, Nanjing Normal University. The conference was held online, and more than 300 experts, scholars, teachers and students from 55 universities across the country gathered in the cloud to discuss the interdisciplinary study of Chinese and American culture.

Professor Chang Junyue, Vice President of our school, delivered a speech on behalf of our school. He expressed his sincere welcome and thanks to the experts and scholars who participated in the seminar. He pointed out that DUFL has always attached great importance to the construction of disciplines and specialties, actively implemented the spirit of the National Education Conference and the Undergraduate Education Work Conference, firmly established and practiced the concept of "new liberal arts", focused on improving the quality and contribution of scientific research and social services, and improved the construction of a series of new think tanks with the characteristics of DU FL based on Northeast Asia and the "Belt and Road" Initiative. Strive to produce more scientific research results with high visibility, to help enhance the influence of the school's disciplines.

Prof. Cheng Aimin, President of Sino-US Comparative Cultural Studies Association, delivered a speech to welcome the experts and scholars present at the conference, introduced the Sino-US Comparative Cultural Studies Branch of the Chinese Comparative Literature Association, and expressed his gratitude to Dalian University of Foreign Languages for its hard work in organizing the symposium, and to the experts, scholars and friends from all circles who contributed to the successful convening of the symposium. I wish the symposium a complete success

The seminar invited well-known experts in domestic literary circles, Prof. Wang Ning from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Prof. Jin Li from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Prof. Yang Jincai from Nanjing University, Prof. Guo Yingjian from Renmin University of China, Prof. Zhang Longhai from Minnan Normal University, Prof. Su Hui from Central China Normal University, Prof. Cheng Chaoxiang from Peking University, Prof. Yang Jing from Nanjing Normal University and Prof. Wang Shaoping from Dalian Foreign Studies University delivered keynote speeches on the comparative cultural studies between China and the United States.

In addition, the symposium has set up 10 thematic discussion sub-forums chaired by well-known experts in the corresponding fields. It has attracted experts and scholars from Nankai University, Shandong University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Xi 'an International Studies University, Soochow University, Southwest University, Hunan University, Jiangsu University, Guizhou University, Beijing Language and Culture University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Normal University and other domestic universities for online communication. Our literature research team teachers and postgraduate students also actively participated in the discussion. The sub-forum discussion has a strong academic atmosphere, active exchanges and novel views, and has achieved positive results.

The closing ceremony was presided over by Professor Wang Xiaoying of Nanjing Normal University, Secretary General of Sino-US Comparative Cultural Studies Branch. Professor Yang Jing of Nanjing Normal University, Deputy Secretary General of Sino-US Comparative Cultural Studies Branch, made a concluding speech. Professor Lu Chunmei, Dean of the School of English, Dalian International Studies University, made a speech and expressed her heartfelt thanks to the association, experts, hosts and co-organizers for their trust and support. Finally, the representatives of the organizer of the 2023 symposium also made a speech, inviting experts and scholars to come to the next seminar.

This symposium has reflected the importance of Sino-American comparative cultural studies in the discipline construction and scientific research field, witnessed the latest research achievements, expanded the space for future research and development, and played a positive guiding and promoting role in pushing forward the high-quality development of foreign language and literature in our university. (Wang Chengdong)