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Asian-african Language Institute holds 2023 Winter holiday online parents meeting

On the evening of January 12th, the School of Oriental and African Languages successfully held the winter holiday online parents' meeting. Fu Shuang, Secretary of the General Party Branch of School of Asian-African Languages, Ding Yang, Dean of School of Asian-African Languages, Zhang Jing, counselor of Class 2020 and 2022, Chen Rupei, counselor of class 2019 and 2021, and all parents of School of Asian-African Languages attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Chen Rupei.

Secretary Fu Shuang delivered speech first, she focused on "study, study and study again", "physical and mental health is the necessary condition to complete the study", "strengthen the practice exercise, to lay a good foundation for the future society" as a common encouragement to share with students. Dean Ding Yang also pre sented a speech, he stressed the parents need to pay attention to the study of students during the holiday time, from the current economic situation and employment situation to encourage students to strengthen professional knowledge and enhance awareness.

Mr. Chen Rupei, the counselor, emphasized that students should pay more attention to physical and mental health and property safety in their daily life, and explained the relevant issues in the setting and awarding of scholarships. Ms. Zhang Jing, the counselor, listed the important tasks at different stages of the university, analyzed the information of past graduates and current trends, and pointed out the direction for the home-school to jointly promote the development of students. Finally, the teachers patiently and carefully answered the parents' questions about students' study abroad, postgraduate entrance examination and employment situation.

This meeting has narrowed the distance between the school and parents, built a communication medium for parents to understand students more systematically, and provided an opportunity for direct and close contact between home and school. It has laid a solid foundation for the joint efforts of home and school to promote the all-round development of students.