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Our school held the third school-enterprise management committee meeting in 2022

On December 27th, our school held the third online meeting of the school-enterprise management committee in 2022. Cong Mingcai, Vice president and director of school-run enterprise management committee, attended and presided over the meeting, and relevant department heads and staff attended the meeting.

Li Zhonglin, executive director and general manager of the company, made a summary of the 2022 annual work and proposed the work focus in 2023. Detailed introduction of this year's conference reception, the fifth period of students back to school isolation, meal security, transportation and other work; Teacher apartment property center staff adjustment; The operation, service and system construction of the subordinate enterprises; New International Cultural Exchange Center building management introduce professional managers, market-oriented, professional road, etc. The person in charge of the secondary enterprise of the company made a detailed introduction and supplement of the corresponding work.

At the meeting, the Procurement Management Regulations of Dalian University-Run Enterprise Comprehensive Co., LTD. (Trial) and Income Management Measures of Dalian University-Run Enterprise Comprehensive Co., LTD. (Trial) were discussed and approved. The participants discussed the existing problems in the rules and regulations and put forward suggestions for modification. The meeting stressed that schools and enterprises need to earnestly implement rules and regulations, use the system to regulate behavior, strengthen financial management, and strictly implement financial discipline.

Cong Mingcai, vice president of the University, proposed in his speech that there should be "four consciousness" in working with the university and enterprise: first, the sense of responsibility. The staff of the university and enterprise should have the sense of responsibility, raise the problem in time, carefully operate and manage it, consolidate the responsibility, and do a good job in the construction of the Party style and clean government. The second is the sense of management, the person in charge of the enterprise should dare to manage, manage in place, establish the rules and regulations of the enterprise and earnestly implement; Third, the sense of service. Second-level enterprises will provide services to all teachers and students, apartment services, textbook services, catering services, etc. Translation companies should strive to improve their sense of service in the face of social services. Fourth, business awareness, the goal of the enterprise to profit, income for the school, should strive to expand the market, do a good job in various business activities. (Wang Bo)